Susan Raines Photography


I spent many years as a freelance photographer doing magazine and newspaper work in Atlanta, London and Washington, DC.  During that time my private work consisted primarily of black and white portraits of family and friends taken with a vintage medium format Rolleiflex camera, and printed in my dark room. 


After I moved to the Washington, DC area, I taught photography in the Journalism Department at the University of Maryland and worked at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Art Services International, two commercial art galleries and at the National Endowment for the Arts.


In recent years I have concentrated on work that explores the people and cultures of Asia, Europe and the southern United States where I grew up and frequently visit family.  I have shown these bodies of work in exhibitions at Nexus Gallery in Atlanta, Middle Street Gallery in Virginia, Studio Gallery and the Kathleen Ewing Gallery in Washington, DC.


A few years ago I made the switch to digital photography and now I enjoy making color photographs with a Nikon and an iPhone and printing them on an archival Epson printer.  




Photo at the National Gallery of Art by Dena Andre


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